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Potential Income

A Leisure Leagues franchise offers the opportunity to earn a full time wage from working just part time hours. The product sells itself and as there are now more people playing small sided football than the traditional 11 a side game there potential is huge!

Your income is derived from charging teams a weekly match fee, which after all the fixed costs (pitch hire, referee’s expenses etc.) have been deducted, should leave a healthy profit margin of around the 40-50% mark.

This means that on average each team is worth around £600 to you in profit. So whether you are looking to build a football ‘empire’ or just a fun additional income then a Leisure Leagues franchise could work for you…


Advantages of being local

Being ‘local’ to your leagues as a franchisee offers some distinct advantages over and above our already successful business model.
There are three key areas where being ‘local’ offers the greatest benefits:

Team recruitment

Being able to promote for new teams as and when you need to is a huge advantage. You may already have contacts within the football or business communities near to you from which you would be confident of recruiting teams. Even if not, you are better placed to maintain brand awareness than we are able to do remotely.

Facility relationships

As a local franchisee you are in a position building strong long-term relationships with partner facilities. These relationships will stand you in good stead as you develop your Leisure Leagues franchise and look to exploit the area’s full potential by developing new leagues.


We would love to see ‘every kick of every ball’ at all our leagues, however this is an impossibility for us. Therefore as a franchisee being able to visit your leagues on a regular basis allows you to ‘manage’ your business effectively thus ensuring the highest levels of customer service are achieved.



Our Infrastucture

We have been successfully operating small sided football leagues for over 20 years and currently have leagues all over the UK, Ireland and even the USA!

Our infrastructure is second to none within our industry with our fully interactive website receiving around two million visitors each year. Our highly rated smartphone app has proved to be a great success and offers a whole new medium of communication with our players. This IT infrastructure alone will help your business ‘stand out from the crowd’ and would be cost prohibitive to replicate on a local level.

Other advantages of working with us are access to the savings that our huge buying power offers with professionally branded, high quality trophies, match balls and kits available to you for a fraction of the equivalent retail costs.

We also cover your public liability insurance so you never need to worry about having the appropriate level of cover or the associated expense.


Training and Support

Initial franchisee training takes place at our Warwickshire head office. The training course covers all aspects of the small sided football leagues business including:

  • Team recruitment
  • Rules and regulations
  • Developing new leagues
  • Managing a league
  • League administration
  • Discipline
  • Competition

In addition to this initial training we also offer ‘on the job’ training in the form of a promotion training day where you ‘shadow’ one of our experienced team recruitment staff and learn how to effectively recruit new teams. This training day takes place within your area, so will benefit you directly in developing your business as well. After your training, we are with you every step of the way with a dedicated head office support contact and visits to your leagues.


So, what are the options?


Standard package

Available in new areas where we don’t currently operate any leagues this would offer you exclusivity across an agreed territory of postcodes. We assist you in finding an appropriate facility at which to start your first league. Then with our training and support you will be able to start your own leagues within weeks.

Kickstarter Package

The same as the standard package, but with a cast iron guarantee that we will help you recruit a minimum of 8 teams* (enough to get started!). This guarantee will remove any doubts about getting a league started and will offer you a ‘kickstart’ to a full return on investment within months.

Existing leagues

Receive an income from day one by purchasing an existing league(s) from us. With full training and ongoing support you will be able to manage the league(s) and be fully equipped to develop your business further in the surrounding area. Prices for existing leagues vary considerably based on their size and profitability.



Meet the Franchisee

Since launching our franchise opportunity four years ago we have seen it grow from strength to strength with now around 35% of leagues operated by franchisees.

Our franchisees come from all walks of life but share a common goal, to offer high quality small sided leagues backed up with excellent customer service.

Tim, Peterborough and South Lincs.

A relatively recent recruit Tim has really hit the ground running. In his first three months as a franchisee he has doubled the team numbers in an existing league in Peterborough and also started a new 16 team league in Spalding. With other new bookings in the development stages we look forward to seeing him progress further over the coming months.

Dave, Nottinghamshire

Dave has always been involved with football in his local area and started his Leisure Leagues franchise with a combination of a new area and an area which contained a small existing league in Nottinghamshire. He had immediate success in his new area by starting a twelve team league within weeks of his training. Dave has also added a second league at the same facility as the existing league he took over and is already looking to start his fourth league all within his first six months as a franchisee.

Alan, John & Steve, Hertfordshire and Southampton

These guys have amassed the largest portfolio of franchised leagues so far and currently have around 270 teams playing in their leagues. They have shown what can be achieved through hard work and high standards and continue to start new leagues on a regular basis.



As part of our wider goals we are taking the Leisure Leagues brand global by offering Master Franchise opportunities abroad. We have already started this process by appointing our first international licences for Florida, USA and a little closer to home in the shape of Northern Ireland.

Both of these have exceeded initial expectations and proved that both the brand and the business model can be equally successful ‘overseas’.

So if you have connections abroad yourself, or maybe friends and family overseas then we would be interested to hear from you.

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